Sometimes Success Is Closer To You Than You Think!

Mondays @ 12PM EST | Dial-in: 347-637-2589

Join business success coach and founder of Women About Biz, Trina Newby as she shares tips and resources to start and grow your business. This month’s theme is “The Diamonds Are In Your Own Backyard”.

How many times have you heard the saying, “The diamonds are in your own backyard”?  You know it’s really true!  After evaluating where my business leads came from, it was either through a referral or from a relationship that I had developed.  In other words, the resources to grow my business were all around me!  Join  during the month of May me as I share ways to harvest and connect with the diamonds in your life.

Show Dates:

Monday, January 6th

Diamonds Are In Your Backyard! – Did you know the resources and people you need to know are all around you?  Join me as I lay the foundation for this exciting topic!

Monday, January 13th

Identifying Your Diamonds – Learn the characteristics of finding the diamonds in your backyard!

Monday, January 20th

Harvesting & Mining Your Diamonds – What do you do after you find your diamonds?  Learn the steps to connecting and establishing a relationship with those who can help you to flourish and shine!

Monday, January 27th

Let Your Diamonds Shine!– Learn how to appreciate and stay connected with the people that support and refer to you.