Join us during the month of August as we continue to feature the book, “Little Black Book of Connections” by Jeffrey Gitomer.  It’s packed full of wisdom and tips for making incredible connections with people in all walks of life.

Each Monday, an excerpt will be read on the Successful Woman Radio show, but you’ll definitely want you own copy so you can read it fully!

Book Description:

“The Little Black Book of Connections is based on the power of giving value first. It’s about how you can climb the ladder without stepping on people’s backs. It’s about how to earn the respect of a powerful mentor without begging. It’s about how to build stronger relationships with customers, bosses, co-workers, vendors, friends, and family. It’s about being in the same room with powerful people. It’s about how to connect and how to not connect. It’s about how to say the right things to the right people in the right circumstances to make the right impression.”

Source: Amazon Book Description