Let’s Show Our Love for Business in February!

Mondays @ 12PM EST | Dial-in: 347-637-2589

Join business success coach and founder of Women About Biz, Trina Newby as she shares tips and resources to start and grow your business. This month’s theme is “A Passion for Follow Up”.

An important part of the daily business routine, many businesswomen still find it a challenge to handle many other business tasks and follow up as well.  However, not having a follow-up process in place can cause you to miss out on leads, as well as many other opportunities within your business.

Make sure you mark your calendar for Mondays in February and take good notes on how you can grow your business with a good follow up process.

Show Dates:

Monday, February 5th

A Passion for Follow Up – learn why follow up should be an essential part of your daily work flow.

Monday, February 12th

Essential Tools for Developing Your Follow Up Process – Listen to an overview of tools and workflow systems that you can use to make your follow up process easier!

Monday, February 19th

The Automation of Follow Up – Get tips on automating your follow up process and staying consistent with it.

Monday, February 26th

The Follow Up Mindset – Following up has to become a recurring habit where you automatically hold it priority and take action daily.  It all starts with your understanding of why you need to follow up and develop a passion to follow up and follow through.  Learn how to develop a follow up mindset.