Introducing 30-Day SUCCESS COACHING Program!

Hey, it’s Queen Trina, your Business Success Coach.

Ready to make some things happen in your business over the next 30 days?  If so, the 30-Day Success Coaching  is for you! 

Get motivated and empowered to step into your CEO role and make it happen!  I’ll help you with overcoming challenges, accomplishing your business goals, and show you how to implement any processes you need to get things going! 

30-Day Coaching Includes:

  • Initial Discovery Session
  • Two 45-minute coaching sessions
  • Four 10- minute accountability calls
  • Relevant Resources
  • Implementation Instructions

Only $550 for 30-Day Program! 

Program Questions & Answers

Who is this coaching program for?

The Business Success 30-Day Coaching Program is for women:

  • Who have always wanted a coach, but would like to experience a shorter term first.  The 30-day program allows you to experience the power of coaching and how it can help you.
  • Who are experiencing challenges in completing business tasks or goals.
  • Want to create a business workflow system to get consistent.
  • Who need to monetize (create new services/products) their business.
  • Who need to develop and implement a marketing funnel.
  • Who are just starting their business and want to start properly.
How does this program work?
1) First, we’ll have a Coaching Discovery Call, which is between 30-45  minutes.  During this session we’ll go over what you would like to work on during the 30-day period.

Here’s a short sample of what I’ve helped other Queens with:

  • Provided clients with customized techniques to overcome procrastination
  • Provided clients with ideas to monetize business
  • Created workflow and developed email sequences
  • Created sales pages w/content
  • Developed content for website
  • Set budget and prepare cash flow
  • Helped business to get qualified for business loan
  • Helped clients to better understand how to set goals and get them accomplished
  • Helped clients form their PowerTeams
  • Developed course outline and select best platform to use
  • Developed  & implement marketing Strategy

2) You’ll have a customized coaching portal that you’ll login to for assigned action/to-do  items, shared files, resources and coaching session notes.

3) We’ll meet twice on the first and third week for 45-minutes and meet each week for your 10-minute accountability calls.

4) As your coach, I’ll be available to you via text and email for questions or assistance.

Do I have to finish the program within 30 Days?
Yes, this program is designed to help you take action and get some things implemented right away.
What's the time commitment?
You’ll need to set aside 5 to 7 hours each week.  This includes time for your sessions, planning asignments and accountability calls.

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