Ready to get in the know about networking terms that give you more understanding in creating your networking strategy?  Check out the definitions below!

Business Networking
Business Networking is an exchange of communication between two or more individuals for the purpose of creating reciprocal relationship that can result in the exchange of referrals, contacts and personal and business support.

Savvy Networking
Savvy Networking is applying in-depth knowledge and wisdom in developing long-term business relationships.

NetPower is the art of leveraging your talent, knowledge and networking skills to positively impact the lives of others.

Elevator Speech
30-second to 1-minute introduction of your name, company and compelling benefits of your product/service that will attract individuals to what you have to offer!


A person that you come in contact with through a meeting, introduction or connection on or off line.  Normally, contacts fall into three categories:

  1. General– General Contacts are individuals that you do not know and meet at networking meetings, gatherings or you are introduced to them by an associate friend or other contact.
  2. Personal– Personal Contacts are individuals that you have met before.  There may or may not be a close association, but you have had connection with these individuals before.
  3. Introduced or Referral Contact– An Introduced or Referral Contact is someone that you do not know, but they are introduced to you by a close associate, friend or colleague.

Client Prospect

A Prospect is an individual that has been referred by an associate friend or colleague or an individual whom you have personally met with and identified that they are in need of your services or products.

Business Lead

A Business Lead is a direct referral from an associate, friend or colleague who is knowledgeable of your products or services.  Normally the lead has been qualified – meaning they are in need of the actual service or product.  This type of lead can also come from participating in a paid online leads service.

Direct Referral

A Direct Referral is an individual that was recommended to you by an associate, friend or colleague that has used your service or product.  It can also be a business associate that sees your target client frequently, but does not offer your same type of services or products.{/mprestriction}