Mom and wife, Iraida Guadulupe show what can happen when you believe with Unshakable Faith!  When her son turned 7 years old, she decided to go to college and pursue her degree and teach school.  As she made that decision to pursue her dream, she also faced many trials, challenges, and losses.

Years later, standing with confidence, strength, and determination, Iraida’s goal is accomplished.  She was invited to address her class and guests at her graduation at Western Governors University.  During her speech, she shares a very moving story of her journey to achieve her goals, regardless of the obstacles.

As she begins to speak and tell her story there probably wasn’t a dry eye in the audience.  Her father went missing and was later found in a hospital unconscious, her mother was soon thereafter diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and then both of her parents transitioned as she puts it, “to a better place”.  Iraida continued to persevere.  Many other things happen, but she says she took comfort in what laid ahead and she constantly reminded herself with the affirmation,  “I can do all things”.

Today, Iraida was able to fulfill her goal and a promise that she made to her mother – she graduated college and became a teacher!  She is proof that no matter the challenge – when you conceive and believe, you can achieve!

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Source: Youtube video uploaded by Western Governors University


Iraida Guadalupe
“I Can Do All Things!”

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