Her Dream Startup Questions & Answers

Who is the Her Dream Startup Program for?

Women thinking about starting a business,women  who want to transition from their  corporate job, women who are unemployed, women who want to turn their talent into a business, women interested starting a home business etc.

What makes this program different from other training programs.

Based off of our years of experience of helping women, we have learned that women indeed are different from men in the way they think about starting and operating a business.  We have tailored our material to address common startup issues women experience and also provide government resources and certification information that have also been designed for woman-owned businesses.

Is there a cost for Her Dream Startup?

Her Dream Startup is a “not-for-profit” program and is subsidized by our sponsors.  There is only a materials fee of $75, which is payable upon acceptance into the program.  Programs of the same caliber charge between $1200 and $2500 dollars.

Who is the Facilitator of the Program?

HDS will be facilitated by Trina Newby, Business Success Coach and Founder of  Women About Biz.  Trina has more than 20+ years experience as a consultant and coach and has helped hundreds of women to start and grow their business.  Trina herself has owned 7 businesses and she knows the successful path to startup up.  There will also be guest expert speakers and successful business women owners sharing their experience.