Are you ready to embrace the power that women have to Connect, Empower and Help each other to Thrive?  If your answer is YES then you’ll want to know about our Bold and Powerful Networking Movement.

Imagine belonging to a tribe of thousands of businesswomen where it’s just not about networking and closing the sale, but it’s also about helping each other to grow, sharing resources and celebrating our success.

Introducing the 100K Movement a new and innovative movement to connect and empower 100,000 women in our nationwide community on Facebook!  

In addition to our website, our WAB Facebook Community serves as a platform to provide FREE business education, profile our members, encourage members to share resources and promote their business and more!

5 Easy Steps to Participate in this Incredible Movement!

1) Join Women About Biz!  Join as a FREE Member and you can upgrade at anytime should you wish to participate in our “Success Club” program.

[If you’re not a member, click to join now!]

2) Join the Facebook Community!  Visit our community  page on the WAB site and complete the short form to get access.  Share not only information about your business, but share links to resources, articles and other information that you think will be helpful and make sure you invite other businesswomen to join!

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3) Invite 3 to 5  Businesswomen Weekly to Join the Facebook Community!

Make a commitment to invite other businesswomen to join you on the Women About Biz Facebook Group weekly.  Simply share that you’ve joined the 100K Movement to embrace one-hundred thousand women connecting and sharing and you’d like to invite them to do the same.  Then add a link to the 100K Movement Page.

Here’s the official link:

4) Connect with new community members!  As you see new members joining the network, read their profile info and connect with them.  Consider sending a private message to invite them for a 15-20 minute connection call. If the person is out of the USA you might want to set up a Skype account, so you can connect internationally..

5) Spread the news about the 100K Movement through your social networks and during live networking!  Feel free to use the graphic below:

Instructions: Simply right mouse-click and copy the image below.  Save it on your hard drive.  Upload it to your social networks as an image and use the following hyperlink:


Sample Facebook Post