Are you a mom that’s been thinking more and more about starting a business online? If yes, you’re not by yourself. Moms everywhere are seeking out the same thing!  Owning an online business is not just a dream anymore, moms are generating high five and six figure incomes all from the comfort of their own home and even while traveling.  

Today, more than ever before, the resources to start an online business are easy to find and  startup costs are low compared to a commercial business.  Other benefits include:

  • More control over your time
  • You can run an online business from anywhere
  • You can use automated tools to make it easier to manage
  • You can use Virtual Assistants to help service your clients
  • You can scale your online business to generate even more money

To get your ideas and creativity flowing,  below are 7 Online Business Ideas that you can generate a great income from:

1. Create A Blog

If you are an expert in a certain niche, you can make money by sharing that knowledge with other people by creating a blog. People flood the internet daily to look for solutions. So, if you can offer solutions to other people’s problems, then you will make money.

The good thing about blogging is that it does not limit you. You can write a blog on any topic provided it is informative and relevant to your target audience. Once your blog has steady traffic, you can monetize it by placing ads, posting sponsored posts, selling your own products or services, or market other people’s products and earn a commission for every successful sale (affiliate marketing).

2. Become A Virtual Assistant

With so many businesses looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency, the demand for Virtual Assistants (VA) has increased significantly. The work of a virtual assistant is to offer administrative services usually from their own home office or a remote location.  

Services can range from more common tasks like making phone calls, scheduling appointments, managing email accounts, and making travel arrangements to tasks that require more advanced skills like bookkeeping, project management, social media management, and writing articles etc.

If you have administrative and/or management skills or you’re willing to get training then starting a VA service might be for you!

3. Start a T-shirt Store

If you are a good graphic designer, you can turn that passion into a money-making business by starting a T-shirt store. If your T-shirts are of good quality and have great designs, you can create a household brand that will earn you consistent income. You can utilize social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to market your products to your target audience.

4. Become A Fiverr Designer

If you are a designer, you can make good money by becoming a Fiverr designer. Fiverr has tons of well-paying designing jobs. All you need to do is pick jobs that you are good at and deliver your best. If you provide high-quality designs to your clients, you will not only get better pay but you will get consistent work from your clients, thus guaranteeing a stable income.

5. Become A Social Media Manager

If you are familiar with posting on your own social media accounts, are good at marketing and managing other people’s projects, you might want to consider becoming a social media manager. 

The main task of a social media manager is to analyze data engagement, plan digital campaigns to build community online, and identify trends in customer interaction. Other tasks include creating social media profiles, responding to followers, and managing regular posts. If you are good at your job, you will attract high-paying clients.

6. Sell Online Courses

If you are an expert on a certain subject you can make money online by creating online courses. There are many platforms that you can utilize such as Udemy to sell your online courses. You can also sell online courses on your blog. The quality of your online courses and the platform that you use to sell the cause will determine how much money you will make. For instance, if you use established platforms such as Udemy, you will sell your courses fast and make good money.

7. Create and Sell Calendars/Journals

You can also make good money from the comfort of your home by selling journals or calendars online. Starting a journal business is relatively easy and affordable. More so, they are in high demand and have a good profit margin. You can sell journals or calendars on your own blog or you can utilize other platforms such as Amazon or eBay.

Today, the Internet has become a primary resource for communications, entertainment and ordering online.  According to, the US alone has more than 300 million online users.  Most people use the Internet to order food, products and services online, take courses online, pay bills online and more. So, it’s the perfect time to start your online business.  

About the Author:

This article, 7 Online Business Ideas for Moms was written by Trina Newby, business success coach and founder of Women About Biz.  Click here for a FREE Coaching Session to learn ways you can start your online business