Special Webinar on Wednesday, January 29th @ 12PM EST!

Hey it’s Trina and I’m so excited about my webinar, “5 Ways to Live Your Life On Purpose!”.   For the longest time, I fought with procrastination, saying what I was going to do instead of just doing.  It wasn’t until I was “tired of being tired!”.  It was at that point that I made a decision that it was time for a complete paradigm shift.  I realized that if I was to truly pursue my dreams and goals, I had to become a woman of ACTION.

This webinar is for the women that are seeking ways to move past the old and on with the new.  This is about Renewal and commitment to yourself!

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Get A Free 30-Day Life Purpose Journal!

When you attend this special Webinar, you’ll receive my FREE 30-Day Life Purpose Journal!  It will guide you on your discovery journey and give you many ah-ha moments.

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