This is the time of year when most businesses are gathering information to develop their Strategic Plan for the new year.  I think it’s important that no matter what size your business is – all business should have a strategy going into the next year.   So, during the month of August, I’ll be sharing tips and resources on “How to Evaluate Your Business In 2018” during the Successful Woman Radio Show in August.  Learn questions you need to ask yourself, information you need to compile and how to get clear as a leader.

Evaluating your business monthly or quarterly is necessary to determine the health of your business, as well as areas that need improvement.  As a matter of fact, it’s difficult to gain clarity on how you want your business to grow without knowing or measuring how it’s been doing in the past.

The benefits of evaluating your business include:

  • Gives you a birds eye view of your profitability
  • Knowing how effective your marketing is
  • Helps to determine which services/products to add or eliminate
  • Helps you set new sales goals
  • Determines the effectiveness of your leadership
  • Shows you the weak areas in your business
  • Shows you areas that need improvement

Click below to listen to the 1st August episode of Successful Woman Radio:

During this episode, you’ll not only learn the 1st 5 ways to start evaluating your business, but you gain valuable information about goal setting as well.