If you’ve never tried group coaching before, it is an incredible technique and system used to motivate, inspire and provide resources that will help you to grow your business through the power of TAKING ACTION!

Women About Biz custom designs and coordinates incredible group coaching programs that help you to implement your business tasks and strengthen your personal development skills.  Regardless of all the tools and resources you have to manage your business, if you don’t have the right leadership and implementation skills needed you can slow down or even halt your business success.

Group Coaching for Women holds you accountable to the goals that you set for yourself and allows you to learn from challenges others might be having in the group as well. Just as many of today’s successful business women have used the power of coaching to help them get to the top, you can have access to the same type of quality coaching and at a reasonable price!

Our Women About Biz Group Coaching program consist of 7 Core areas:

1. Phone Conferences
2. Email Communication
3. Action Planning
4. Your Accountability Worksheet
5. Commitment
6. Measurement
7. Consistency

Phone Conferences
Based on the group coaching program you register for you’ll dial-in to the coaching session via telephone at the specified dates and time frames.

At the beginning of each coaching program, you’ll set your business goals, which can be based on your vision, your financial goals or improvements needed in your business.  It’s all up to you and what you want to see happen for the month.  A business goal setting worksheet will be provided to you to help facilitate your goal setting process.

Email Communication
Each week you’ll receive encouraging emails to motivate you to take action.

Action Planning
Each participant is asked to share their business goals for the month and identify any challenges they think they’ll have in accomplishing them.  As your business coach listens to the participants share, she’ll provide feedback, recommendations and resources that can be beneficial to the whole group.  You’ll receive Action Planning Worksheets to help you gain clarity and create a blueprint for accomplishing your tasks.

In group coaching commitment is a two-way experience.  Your group coach will be committed to motivating, encouraging and providing you with support.  You must be committed to taking action, asking for help and communicating your challenges to your group coach.

It’s important to know whether or not you’re on schedule with accomplishing your goals.  A good way to do this is by having a measurement system in place.  Your group coach will provide you with accountability worksheets that will help you to do just that!

Being consistent in doing your assignments, participating in the group sessions and measuring your accomplishments in having a successful group coaching experience!