Introducing the All New Clarity Session!

trina newby pic1Hi, this is Trina Newby CEO and Founder of Women About Biz.  Thank you for your interest in having a Clarity Session! 
It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily business grind!  You know, things we do over and over in our business either because they’ve become a habit or because we don’t have the clarity to do anything different!  The problem is that most of the time, no revenue is being generated and you’re not getting positive results.
Some examples of the daily business grind are:

* Doing the same marketing over and over again in your business every day – even though it doesn’t seem to be working?

* Saying yes and involving yourself in activities that are taking you further away from your business goals?

* Always saying what you’re going to do to improve things in your business, but never making it happen?

These are just a few examples of how you can let things continually be cloudy in your business!
It’s Time to Have your Clarity Break Through!
If you’re experiencing a lack of Clarity and you’re ready to get serious about claiming your very own business success then I invite you to have a  Clarity Session with me!
So, What’s A Clarity Session?
A Clarity Session is a 1.5 hour coaching intensive where I help you to gain clarity on your business vision, goals and what it will take for you to start getting positive results in your business.  It’s only $99!
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My Clarity  Ah-ha Moment!
Before I share with you what the Clarity Session is all about, let me tell you why I’m qualified to help you with gaining more Clarity for yourself.
Before I had Clarity about what I truly wanted to pursue, I was always jumper.  Jumping into any business opportunity or looking for the next best thing – thinking it was going make me that million dollars or getting myself involved in activities where I was helping everyone else, but myself.  One day after “being tired of being tired” – you know what I mean, I had an Ah-ha moment.
What I realized was that I couldn’t help anyone, participate in anyone else’s activities or even financially bless anyone, until I was able to HELP MYSELF – I needed Clarity!  Clarity to figure out my business vision and the blueprint to start making it happen and so, after soul-searching, looking at my strenghts and being honest with myself, Women About Biz was born and I’ve never looked back!
Since then, I’ve been able to help hundreds of other women gain Clarity on their vision, purpose and goals and I want to help you gain Clarity too!
Clarity Session Benefits:
  • Identify your primary business vision that you would like to accomplish within 90-days to 1 year.
  • Identify goals to support your business vision.
  • Know the role you need to play to accomplish your vision.
  • Know the activities you must eliminate to achieve your business success.
  • Identify positive habits you must adopt to ensure consistency in your business success.
How much does a Clarity Session Cost?
For a limited time, your Clarity Session with me is only $49 (regular $99)!
How long is a Clarity Session and Where is it Held?
The Clarity Session is 1.5 hours and is done all via telephone from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are!
Is there Anything I Need to do to Prepare for My Clarity Session?
Yes, after you sign up for your Clarity Session, I’ll send you a 2-page worksheet that you’ll need to complete before your appointment.
Will I have complete Clarity after my session with you?
While it is my goal to help you experience Clarity during your session.  Clarity isn’t something that’s final or complete.  It’s a process that must be practiced consistently to stay clear on your desired vision and goals.
Just as Clarity can be lost over a period of time, it will also take time to strengthen it and keep it consistent in your life.  The purpose of this session is to help you take that “Leap of Faith” in yourself and get your Clarity started!
Only $99!
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