Biz Grants

Biz Grants

Business Grant Center Welcome to the Women About Biz Business Biz Grants Center!  Here you can read helpful articles that will help you understand the process for researching, qualifying and applying for Government Grants.

Are There Business Grants for Women?



book_freemoney_titleOne of the biggest misconceptions that women are drawn to is that there is free money for starting their business through business grants.   This path of thinking is encouraged even more so due to the number of opportunist taking advantage of this “hot topic” through seminars, books and infomercials on television.

Seeking Grant Proposals for Your Fundraisers


by Michelle Pearson 


An essential part of fundraising is writing grant proposals and grant applications. An effectively written grant application can result in large sums of money for your fundraising group. Grant applications can be a long and tiresome journey, but in the end it will be worth it for your group! In the following article, we are going to help you understand grants and what they entail.

Small Business Grant Tips

If you are looking to open a business of your very own, you are not alone. Every year more and more people make the decision to stop working to make other people rich and to start their own businesses. For most of them, having the start-up capital that is needed is harder than one might think…

Starting A Nonprofit Organization


by Trina Newby

woman helping non profitStarting a nonprofit organization can mean many things. For example, it could mean a group of women meeting for cards once a week and each person contributing a dollar for snacks and such.  However, they really aren’t seeking to make a profit.  It could mean someone starting a neighborhood art center full-time to serve underprivileged children.  It could also mean someone starting a women’s foundation with the mission to service homeless women and children.