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7 Essential Questions Prior to Startup

7 Essential Questions Prior to Startup Starting a business can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding accomplishments.  However, during your startup phase there will be times that you'll have challenges.  Over the years, I've kept a list of the challenges that...

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Startup Checklist

Below is a list of business start-up tasks that will help in setting the foundation for your startup. Not every small business will have to complete each step. For instance, you may decide not to register your trademark with state or federal officials or you may not...

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6 Quick Tips On Starting A Part-Time Business

Are you working full time right now and dreaming about being your own boss? Or do you lie awake at night thinking about earning additional income? If so, starting a part-time business may be the answer for you. Here are 6 quick tips that are essential for starting a...

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Starting A Successful Business You Love!

“You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job, and not be paid for it.” – Oprah Winfrey1 It is no surprise to learn that you will do a much better job in your business and make more money if you are in love with what you are doing. Energy for your...

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8 Tips for Your Startup Journey!

Congratulations, you realize that you want to be your own boss and you’re excited about starting your very first business! There are so many routes that you could take, but having the right direction not only cuts down on time, but helps you to achieve success faster!...

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Making Your Business Name Legal

Sharon’s Pet Service, JG & Associates, Tickler, Inc…. Choosing a business name is fun and challenging at the same time.  It is one of the most important parts of starting your business.  It gives birth to your business and a sense of ownership before you even get it started.

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Writing Your Working Business Plan

Working Business Plan

Many women are so confused by the words – “Business Plan”.  What is it?  Who do I show it to?  Do I really need it?  What is it really going to do for me?

A business plan is a written blueprint for your business.  It describes a summary of what your business is about and its goals.  It also outlines how your business will function.  The term “business plan” was first developed by bankers who wanted a detailed report of how a business would result in profits before they would make a decision on lending money.  Today, no business banker will even entertain a business loan application without a business plan.

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Choosing A Small Business Model

One of the most common questions that women ask when they are thinking about starting a business is “what type of business should I start?”


Before you decide what type of business you want to start, it will be important to evaluate the following factors:

What Type of Business Should I Start
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