Can you believe it?  The Holiday Season is upon us and the retailers have been ready early this year. As a matter of fact, I received an Amazon Holiday Catalog at the end of September. The giant online retailer knows all too well the importance of getting the word out early.  However, as a solopreneur or small business owner, you too must be taking advantage of the Season.  For some businesses the Season accounts for more than 25% of their annual revenue, so the Holiday is a very essential part of their marketing plan.

Below are Holiday time frames that you should be marketing in between November and January:

  1. Pre-Thanksgiving (1st 3 weeks of November 4)
  2. Black Friday (4th Friday of November)
  3. Cyber Monday (5th Monday of November)
  4. Christmas (December 25th)
  5. New Years (Last Week of December)

Below are 5 ideas to help you promote during holidays!

1) Create A Holiday Landing Page 

Feature 3 to 6 gift suggestions for the Season. Remember, people are looking for gift ideas for their business associates, family, and friends. You not only can provide the landing page link multiple times in your holiday posts, but also use it on your Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.  In addition, you can feature a selected item from the landing page each day in your holiday emails to your prospects and current customers.  Remember to give a really good discount on each item.  Make sure the link is working for each order button as well. 

2) Host a Virtual Holiday Show

Get ready to go Live on Youtube, Facebook, Linked In or all 3 as you market your products and services holiday style!  Create a show schedule (3-5 days a week) and feature 1-2 products/services each episode.  Always have a prize or give-a-way for viewers and it’s a good idea to have someone to assist with managing the comments and providing the links in the comments for the products/services featured.  You might also consider an even deeper discount code just for those viewing the live.  

Note: Using a platform like Zoom or Streamyard that can do live streaming would work great!

3) Offer FREE Gift Wrapping

If you’re selling a product, offer a choice of 3 different gift wrapping themes at no cost to the customer.  You’d be surprised at how many people make a final decision because of a free offer with the gift.

4) Offer Gift Certificates

Offer deep discounts on your most popular service or course in the form of a virtual gift certificate!  You can promote them on your website, social media accounts, and live videos.  This is especially attractive to current customers, because they have experienced your service and probably have an idea of the family member or friend it would be perfect for.  The right price could get them clicking on “BUY”.

5) Create Your Holiday Email Campaigns

Email is still the leader of the pack when it comes to communicating with your customers/clients.  Because they know who you are they are more likely to open your email and click through to your sales or landing page. Remember, 80% of your business can come from 20% of your customers/clients so, consider doing a special holiday campaign just for them!

Don’t Miss Out Get Started!

Planning a marketing campaign for the holidays can be challenging but fun.   First get in your quiet space with a notepad and identify the products/services that you want to feature for the holidays.  

Decide on your featured product/service and then perhaps 3-5 others that you’ll have in your holiday collection.   Next, decide on how you will promote to your current customers/clients and on the Internet. Next, get a block calendar for November thru January, so you can easily write in the space.  

Start filling in which product/service will be promoted on each of the days and whether it will be posts, live video stream, zoom etc.  You can then create a list of tasks that will need to be completed to make it happen and who will implement and complete the tasks.  

Remember, don’t try to do everything yourself.  Work with a graphic/web designer for your holiday images and if needed a copywriter for your content.

About the Writer:

Trina Newby is the CEO/Founder of Women About Biz.  She has helped hundreds of women across the US to start and grow their small business.  Listen to her live every Monday at 12PM Eastern on the Successful Woman Radio Show.  Dial-in: 347-637-2589