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5 Ways to Market Your Business On the Internet

It goes without saying that the Internet has provided a great opportunity for most small business owners working with a small budget to market effectively online. As a matter of fact, many Internet success stories have been made from individuals who had little money,...

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I Don’t Believe In Failures

I prefer to call the challenges, obstacles, side-tracks, and barriers that prevent me from reaching my goals as “unfavorable outcomes”. If you put Merriam-Webster definition [i] of failure “as the lack of success” into perspective, remembering that “success is a journey and NOT a destination”, then you too will be able to accept and embrace unfavorable outcomes in life rather than demise failures.  If God grants me more, than I’ll be able to give more of myself to others—and that’s pretty darn peachy!

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Will The Real Business Woman Please Stand?

"Success Starts With Keeping It Real With Yourself and Your Business!" - Trina Newby The saying “Fake it til you make it” has gotten a lot of businesswomen in trouble. I call it the “Cloud 9 Syndrome”.   It’s where you are so excited about the art of being in business...

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