Phase I

__Research (non-profit industry and your specific organization’s industry)
__Research (similar non-profits, books, programs)
__Visit for resources
__Scout for site location if needed.
__Identify sources of funding for your organization (this could include a pre-opening fundraiser, selling fundraising items etc.)

Phase II

__Business Plan (Marketing Plan included)
__Fundraising Plan
__Develop Core Programs of Organization (i.e., work program, back-to-work program etc.)
__Volunteer Program (important: you’ll need at least 5 volunteers to start with)
__Board of Directors

Phase III (Start-up capital needed at this point)

__Name Non-Profit
__Incorporate Non-Profit
__Obtain Business License
__Federal Tax EIN (IRS)
__File 501c(3)
__Open checking account

Phase IV

__Office Set-up (Computer, Furniture, etc.)
__All forms and marketing material

Phase IV

__Establish Grant Writer Contact
__Establish Fundraiser Contact
__Attend Non-Profits Meetings in Area
__Set-up Quarterly Fundraising Campaigns