I prefer to call the challenges, obstacles, side-tracks, and barriers that prevent me from reaching my goals as “unfavorable outcomes”. If you put Merriam-Webster definition [i] of failure “as the lack of success” into perspective, remembering that “success is a journey and NOT a destination”, then you too will be able to accept and embrace unfavorable outcomes in life rather than demise failures.  If God grants me more, then I’ll be able to give more of myself to others—and that’s pretty darn peachy!

Unfavorable outcomes will remind you that you need to continue on your mission, pick yourself up and move on. Unfavorable outcomes will remind you not to dwell in your misery or even worse—give up. Since everything in life has its purpose and meaning, enjoy the moments of your shortcomings, learn from them, advance your abilities, and grow WITH the moment.

As mortals, the beginning point of our everlasting life is death, so keep picking yourself up and learning until the moment you die. If you don’t, then you are truly walking dead. No one determines our life except God and He gives us the ability to choose our paths. So pick the positive path that leads to success. Accept the inevitable outcomes and give up worry, fear, anguish or blame. Stop making excuses and blaming others for your failures, take responsibility, take charge, and most of all move on. Enjoy life.

No one can pick you up except yourself. Faith will guide you, and family will encourage you, but YOU need to make the choice to succeed. You need to embrace unfavorable outcomes and squash failures. Lighten up and see every unfavorable outcome as one-step closer to reaching your goals. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not worthy and that you can’t do what you want to do. If you do, then you’re letting others chose your destiny and that power should always remain with you and you alone.

I honestly believe that I am one of the wealthiest women in this world, for I am an Empowered Woman in faith, family, and good health. I find success through balancing each aspect of my life, spiritually, personally, professionally, emotionally, socially and financially. Therefore, I do classify my psycho-socio-economic status as ‘spectacular’. Since the amount of my time, money and success satisfies me and my family, I am an Empowered Woman living a luxurious life. If God grants me more, than I’ll be able to give more of myself to others—and that’s pretty darn peachy!

I believe that true wealth is NOT measured by one’s possessions (i.e., material objects), yet measured by the ability to give freely of one’s possessions. Since, I possess the power of faith and my self-empowerment; I now offer my tips and tools to you.

Success in life depends on you. So, it really doesn’t matter what I can do for you. What matters is what you are going to do for you!?

Be empowered, act now and start living your present and future dreams now.

(c) 2005 Ponn M. Sabra, MPH

About the Author:
Ponn M. Sabra is a homeschool work at home mom of three with partial paralysis, best-selling author of “Empowering Women to Power Network”, syndicated columnist, and writer. A home-based entrepreneur for 10 years, Ponn empowers women entrepreneurs to action at www.EmpowerWomenNow.com Logon for free tips, tools & resources today.